Carltone Cigar Box Ukuleles, Basses, and Guitars

Carltone is dedicated to building finely crafted cigar box ukuleles, bass ukuleles, guitars, and other stringed instruments. Every one is handmade at our home in Monroe, Louisiana. We scour our local thrift and antique shops, garage sales, as well as the internet, looking for interesting boxes to become Carltones. It is our sincere wish that yours is a lifelong love affair with your Carltone ukulele, bass, or guitar.

Carltone Cigar Box Ukuleles, Basses, and Guitars are available on Etsy. If you have any questions or if you you'd like to choose your Carltone in person, drop us a line.

Orphan of the Storm

Amy and I pay tribute to the great Tom Petty.

Cant Change Me

My dedication to Mr. Chris Cornell, "Can't Change Me." You will be dearly missed.

Nobody Cept You

Just me playing Bob Dylan's "Nobody 'Cept You" live in the dinning room on the 289 tenor scale ukulele.

Without A Trace

Amy and I build a fort and play Soul Asylum's 90s hit "Without A Trace" on a bunch of Carltone ukuleles.

Your Man

Amy and I cover Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson's "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man." Rest in peace Mr. Nelson.

The Promise

A copy of me and I play When In Rome's 80s synth-pop classic "The Promise" on two Brickhouse concert ukuleles.

The White Falcon of Ukuleles

It is the White Falcon of cigar box bass ukuleles and it is awesome.