Carltone Cigar Box Bass Ukuleles

The Big Payback Series

Carltone Big Payback Bass Ukulele

The Big Payback Bass Ukulele by Carltone Ukuleles is powerful. With a thick, round tone and just enough bite, you'll forget that you're playing a cigar box. Seriously, you wouldn't believe how good these things sound. The body is sealed in a glossy but thin poly finish on the sides and back and the mahogany neck and top have a satin finish for easier playability. Our bass ukuleles are handmade with the finest attention to detail, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment. Comes strung with Road Toad Pahoehoe black polyurethane bass strings. All of our Big Payback bass ukuleles come preinstalled with an under-bridge pickup with volume control and end-pin jack. Sounds great amplified though your P.A.

- $350.00

If you have any questions or if you you'd like to choose your Carltone in person, drop us a line.