Las Calaveras Sopranissimo

Jamie Published by

Friends always bring us cigar boxes. They will call up asking if I want some cigar boxes they have sitting in a corner.

Mostly because finding a cigar box that would make a good ukulele is hard. There are a lot of factors - size, shape, ruggedness, and the ever elusive "cool" factor. This box came from a friend with a bunch of others. I couldn't use most of them but when I saw this one I knew I had to figure out a use for it. It's just too cool. Unfortunately, it was also very tiny. I considered building a thumb piano out of it, but I that seemed like a waste. So I did some research and discovered the sopranissimo scale. I made some measurements and did a little head scratching and decided that it just might work.

If you've never come accross a sopranissimo scale ukulele you can't imagine how tiny these things are, yet they remain very playable. Well, playable for people with thinner fingers than me. I've got big ol' sausage fingers, soprano is almost too small for me. I tried tuning it to standard ukulele G-C-E-A at first but I couldn't keep it in tune. One full step up at A-D-F#-B it feels good and, more importantly, it sounds great.


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