White Big Payback Bass

Jamie Published by

We are building a new Big Payback Bass, this time in white, but you may never get an opportunity to buy it.

Amy has already called it.  She could probably be convinced to sell it but it would probably cost you a lot. :-)

It is going to be awesome though.  The box is a little smaller than our usual Big Payback Bass.  Nice and compact.  I also bought an authentic set of Ashbory bass strings.  Usually we stick with Road Toad Pahoehoe strings in black for our standard Big Payback Basses but I like that the Ashbory strings are transparent.  Should look cool against the white box.  There is a problem though.  The Ashbory strings are short, really short.  By the time they are stretched to tune they'll probably be fine but getting them strung up initially will be tough.

I'm progressing slowly with the build.  The box had to be cut down a little as I felt it was too deep, making it uncomfortable to hold.  The neck has been shaped, poly has been applied, and the tuning machine holes have been drilled.  The neck and bridge have been installed but the string holes haven't been drilled yet.  Maybe this evening.  Like I said, slowly.  Hope to wrap it up next weekend.  Gotta a big show coming up next month. Edit.

White Big Payback 1 White Big Payback 2